Will He Ever Propose – 7 Signs That You Won’t Be Getting Engaged Anytime Soon

You may be ready to walk down the aisle but you instead you are sitting there wondering will he ever propose.

There are some men that just aren’t cut out for marriage and others that may take a lot longer to settle down and decide if being married is what they really want. In fact, your man may love you a whole lot but he may just not be ready to say “I do” anytime soon. Or you may be dating one of those forever bachelors who are the type to never really settle down no matter how old they get.

If you are wondering if your man will ever propose there are some signs to look out for. I have written about the signs that a man is going to propose before but there are also signs that a man isn’t going to be getting married anytime soon.

will he propose

Here are 7 signs that a man is not going to propose to you anytime soon.

1. He Has Never Talked About Marriage or Having Kids with You

If a man is going to propose he will definitely talk to the woman about marriage and starting a family before he buys the engagement ring. If your man hasn’t even mentioned these things to you or changes the subject when you bring them up, this is a pretty good clue he is nowhere near to getting down on one knee.

2. He Gives You the Excuse of Why Change Things?

Many women have heard this one from men before. “We have a good thing here, so why change it?” This is a very popular excuse that men use so that they don’t have to fully commit to a marriage and is definitely a sign that he doesn’t want to get married anytime soon.

3. He Rather Party and Enjoy Life Than Stand at the Altar

If he is the type of guy that is into just enjoying life and life is one big party, then I wouldn’t be looking for an engagement ring anytime soon. This type of man isn’t ready for the commitment of marriage yet. You may have problems with him eventually though if you are ready to settle down and start a family and his biggest commitment is watching the big game at the bar with his friends.

4. He Calls Marriage “Outdated”

There are lots of people who feel like this nowadays and if your guy is one of them, then don’t expect any type of proposal anytime soon. He could eventually change his mind, but if he is being serious about feeling this way about marriage it could be a while or you could be waiting forever for that ring.

5. He Really, Really Likes Himself

We have all met this type of guy that is super cocky and arrogant and can only concentrate on himself and not somebody else. If you are with this type of guy, first, don’t expect to marry him as he is not marriage material at all. Second, run far away from this guy as possible unless you like being ignored and treated as second best behind his glorious self.

6. You Can’t Get Him to Go To a Wedding

If he doesn’t want to go to someone else’s wedding there is no way that he will be going to his own anytime soon. Your man’s attitude about other people’s weddings will give you a good indication of whether he is open to marriage right now or not.

7. He Talks About the Future But There is No Talk of You In It

This is a pretty good clue that he isn’t committed to you for the long term right now. If he talks about his future and he never mentions anything about you, then he doesn’t see you in his future which means no proposal. If you have been with your man for over 6 months or so and he still doesn’t talk about you in his future then it may be a good time to bring it up and maybe see where he stands on your relationship.

If you experience one or more of these signs from your man, then it is a pretty good indication that he doesn’t have any plans of proposing to you anytime soon. In fact, if you have been dating your man for a year or longer and he still shows these signs to you, it could be time to re-evaluate your relationship completely, especially if you are looking to walk down that aisle sometime in the near future.

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