Why Won’t He Commit? Top 5 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment

men afraid to commit

You have been seeing this awesome guy for some time now and everything is going great but you can’t help asking yourself why he won’t commit to a serious relationship. If this sounds like you and the current state of your “relationship” check out the top 5 reasons why men are afraid to commit and then read on to see what you should do about your situation.


1.) He Has Baggage (Ex) That He Is Not Completely Over

Even if your man says he is over his ex that may not be the case, especially if he just got out of a long term relationship or one in which his ex broke up with him. Look for any signs of lingering feelings for an ex or any emotional baggage that may stem from not being over his ex. Does he still have some of his ex’s possessions? Has he kept old pictures of him and his ex displayed anywhere in his home? Does he seem to mention her on a regular basis?

2.) He’s Happy Not Having a Girlfriend

There are some men that are completely happy with their lives at the moment and may think they don’t want a girlfriend. He may enjoy going out on dates with you and having your companionship but may feel that he just doesn’t want anything serious. His hobbies, friends, work, or anything else in his life may be more important at the moment and he may be not want to change that at the moment. Of course, there are lots of men who think they are completely happy with their lives and not having a girlfriend but they may just have not met the “right one” yet.

3.) He Is Being Pressured from Outside Sources

Whether it is his friends or family pressuring him about not settling down and committing to a relationship this can definitely cause a man to think twice before he commits to you. It could be that his friends aren’t in relationships so they don’t want him to be in one. Or it could be that his mom or dad thinks he is rushing into things with you. Outside sources like friends and family are a big reason why some men won’t commit but this reason can easily be dealt with if you know how to handle it properly.

4.) There is Someone Else He Is/Wants to Date

You may not be the only woman he is dating at the moment and just isn’t ready to commit to one woman yet. There are some men who like to keep their options open for quite some time and may take some extra time to commit to a woman especially if he is a “serial dater.” If you are looking for a commitment from a man who still wants to date around it may seem like a lost cause but it may just take some effort on your part to get your man to commit to you and only you.

5.) He’s Too Young and Not Ready Yet

People mature at different ages and some men in their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s feel like they are too young to commit to just one woman. They may also feel like a girlfriend or wife will hold them back in life from accomplishing their dreams. They may want to wait till they are older to even start thinking about things like getting married and starting a family even though you feel ready now.

There are definitely men who are afraid of commitment that you may need to walk away from. But there are those men who may just need to be reassured and feel comfortable with you before they start thinking long term.

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