Why Men Pull Away In Relationships

why men pull away There are several reasons why men pull away in relationships.

No two men are the same so there will be different reasons for a man to pull away but in general there are only a few basic things that can drive a man away from a relationship.

Check out the main reasons why men pull away below and see which one closely relates to your relationship problems.

He Is Missing His Own Space

Maybe you two took it way too fast and are spending all of your time together and he just needs some space by himself. This is a completely natural instinct and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your relationship.  In fact, it may do you some good as well to stop spending every moment with your man and instead spend some time by yourself or with your friends and family.

He Feels Too Much Pressure

This happens a lot with men, especially ones that try to be something they aren’t in the beginning of a relationship. For example, when you two first met you may have taken you out to fancy restaurants all the time even though the dinners out stretched the budget. Well, now after being together for some time, the pressure to wine and dine you has gotten too much and he just can’t keep up with it anymore, so he pulls away from you. Instead of admitting that he can’t afford the nice restaurants he just pulls away from the relationship since this is a natural instinct for most men.

Too Much Criticism or Nagging

I have mentioned this before about nagging and the same goes for criticism, men can only stand this stuff for so long until they just grow very tired of it. The thing is that some women don’t even realize that they nag their boyfriends or criticize that much, but men notice it and it can be a big reason why he may be pulling away from you.

Have you ever found yourself telling him that you love him but then adding in something like “but I would love you a whole lot more if…” That is the type of thing that completely confuses a man and they feel like you are trying to change them. They don’t want a woman who wants them to change.

Any type of nagging or criticizing from who they hang out with from how they leave their socks all around the house can drive a man to pull away. Next time you are with your man, pay attention to just how much you nag him or criticize his actions to see if you may be guilty of this without even realizing it.

Do you feel like one of the above reasons is why your man is pulling away? Or maybe there may be something else to your relationship that you have found is making him pull away.

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