Why Don’t Men Want to Get Married… Or Do They?

Lately I have been hearing more and more complaints that women can’t find a man who actually wants to get married. It appears that more and more men don’t want to get married, but is this actually the case?

Are more men opting out of weddings or is it something else that is going on?

why don't men want to get married

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, men are taking longer to accomplish their goals such as finding a career, going to college, and starting a family. Instead they are happy to linger in “pre-adulthood” were in the years passed by the time men were in their late 20’s they were married and had children.

Also another interesting thing is that a lot less couples are getting married nowadays. The attitude towards marriage is changing and a lot of people see that piece of paper useless. This is happening with both men and women but a lot more women want to get married than the number of men do.

According to a Pew Research Study only 29 percent of men polled said that having a successful marriage was one f the most important things that they could do in their life.

If you are the type of woman who still does want to walk down the aisle and get married but you can’t find a man who wants to get married, here are some common reasons why men don’t want to get married.

5 Reasons Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married

He Doesn’t Want to End Up Going Through a Divorce

With the divorce rates so high, it’s very common to have someone in your immediate family or a close friend who has gone through a divorce. Having seen what other people have gone through a man can definitely be turned off from wanting to get married.

Men are afraid to lose it all including their kids, friends, money and possessions due to divorce. There are also a lot of other men who don’t want to wind up having to pay for child support only to see their kid once or twice a week.

If you look at most divorces usually the man is the one that ends up losing the most from his home to his family. There are plenty of men who feel like they would stand no chance in a divorce court so they don’t want to even risk getting married.

He Doesn’t Want His Current Life to Change

This is a huge reason for why men don’t want to get married. If your man is really enjoying his life right now as he gets to hang out with his buddies when he wants, can go out on nice dates with you and then have time along to himself it can be hard to convince him to change this.

Men hear the stories from other guys about how much life changes once they get married and that can really turn them off from wanting to tie the knot.

Your man may also be at the point in his life where he doesn’t want to settle down yet and he wants to have fun and enjoy the life he has. He may be one of the many men mentioned above that wants to stay in “pre-adulthood” as long as he can.

He Thinks He’ll Lose His Sex Life

I’m sure that you have heard this reason before as it has circulated around with single guys for many, many years. Once you get married you no longer have a sex life.

For some reason, men believe that once that piece of paper is signed, their women just no longer want to have sex. The thing that they don’t understand is that most of the time being married has nothing to do with it but rather the length of the relationship, how well the guy treats the woman, and how busy their lives get determines how much sex the man will get.

You Give Him No Reason to Get Married

If you are living with your boyfriend and doing all the “wifely” duties for him, what reason does he really have to marry you?

There are lots of men who live by the saying “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

This is where a lot of women mess up their chances of ever getting married to their man. It can be really tempting to want to move in with him and starting playing wife to show him how much you love him and what a good wife you would be, but most of the time this just backfires and your relationship doesn’t ever go any further when it comes to marriage.

Think twice before you move in your man if you want to get married. And if you are already playing “house” with him give him a good reason to give you that engagement ring.

He Has Trust Issues with Women

If your man has been burned in the past by a woman or you have been unfaithful to your man, it could prevent him from ever wanting to get married. Trust is huge when it comes to marriage and long term committed relationships and if you he can’t trust women, he won’t ever want to get married.

This sort of goes back to not wanting to go through a divorce as he simply may not trust you or any woman to be faithful for the rest of your lives. Sometimes this is something you can work past by gaining more trust from your man but a lot of time he may be so turned off with his trust issues there may not be much you can do to change his mind.

Although there definitely are men out there that want to get married, according to research the numbers are dwindling when it comes to men who really find marriage important in their life.

All hope is not lost though. Your attitude, appearance, and actions may just control if you get married or not more than you think.

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