Why Doesn’t He Make a Move?

There is nothing more frustrating than to really be into a guy and you really do think he is into you, but he won’t make a move.

I have heard this question many times before from women and although every situation may be different, there are some basic reasons why a guy won’t make the first move.

5 Reasons Why He Isn’t Making a Move on You

why doesnt he make a move

1. You Haven’t Given Him the “Green Light” Yet

Just like women, men look for signs that tell them a woman is into them. Your man could be looking for those signs but just hasn’t seen them yet or recognized you giving them off. Or maybe you haven’t given him any signs that you are interested in him.

Men are afraid of rejection just like women and they want to know that you have some sort of interest in them before they make any type of move on you.

2. He’s Shy

There are lots of shy men out there that take a while to gather up the courage to make a move on women. If you think your guy may be shy, check out his body language to see if he is really into you.

If you are dealing with a shy guy, you may actually have to be more aggressive in the situation or you may have to deal with waiting longer for him to finally make a move on you.

3. He’s Just Not Into You

I have talked about this before and sometimes you just have to face it, that a guy isn’t into you and may not want a relationship with you. Some guys can be quite confusing and he may be stringing you along just in case he needs a date or a warm body in bed but he actually has no interest in pursuing a relationship with you.

Run far away from this type of man as it will only lead to anger and a broken heart.

4. He Doesn’t Know What He Wants

Usually this guy has some sort of baggage that is holding him back from pursuing you. It could be that he still has feelings for his ex even though he knows it will never work out or it could be that he is too busy in his life to make time for a girlfriend. He could of just had his heart broken and may be scared to get into another relationship.

This guy could be the hot and cold type were at one time you really think he is finally going to make a move and you could have a relationship together and then all of a sudden he goes cold and he doesn’t contact you for over a week.

With this type of guy you to really think it over if it is worth putting up with his inconsistencies or if you should just move on at this point and maybe see what happens in the future.

5. He Respects You Too Much to Make a Move

If you are wondering why this guy hasn’t tried to get into your pants yet, it could be that you really do have a great guy on your hands and he respects you too much to get too physical too soon.

This type of guy is looking for a long term thing with you and doesn’t want to mess it up by taking things too fast. If he is telling you how much he likes you and talks about the future with you but not making a move in the physical sense then that is a good sign that this is the reason why.

These are really the main reasons why a guy may not be making a move. There are definitely other reasons why he may not be making a move on you now, but here is something to keep in mind. If you like him that much and you do believe that he is into you as well, why don’t you make the first move?

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