Why Doesn’t He Care Anymore- 5 Signs Your Relationship May be Over

why doesn't he care anymoreIt can happen in long relationships that last years and it can happen to relatively new relationships (or even flings).

You just get that feeling that he doesn’t care anymore about you or your relationship. Or maybe he does care for you but for some reason isn’t putting any effort forth into your relationship.

Most of the time this is definitely not a good thing and may actually mean your relationship is over or at least needs a lot of help. You shouldn’t stay with someone who doesn’t care about you no matter how much you may love him.

Here are 5 signs that your relationship may be over because your man just isn’t feeling it anymore.

1. Your Boyfriend Shows No Affection to You Anymore

This goes further than just not having sex anymore. It may also include simple things like hugs and kisses, holding your hand or even just those random little touches that he used to give you.

Although it may be easy to use excuses like he is just tired or you have just gotten to that place in your relationship where the affection goes away, these are just excuses. If a man really loves you and cares for you, he will show physically.

2. You Are the One That Always Has to Call Him

If you hasn’t called you or even texted you in a while without you having to initiate the calls or texts first, this may be a pretty good sign that he may not care anymore. I’m not just talking about a few times but it has been this way for at least a few weeks or so now and it used to be different in that he used to call you all the time.

Unless your man is really busy with work or some kind of personal/family crisis there should be times that he initiates the calls or texts with you. If he doesn’t it shows that he may really not be interested in talking to you or you aren’t on his mind as much as you would like to be.

3. He Ignores You Most of the Time

Some women think that their man doesn’t listen to them and ignores them and sometimes that is completely normal as it is sometimes a guy thing. What I am talking about here is where you habitually ignores you when you are two are alone or out with other people.

Does he tend to play on his phone, computer or whatever more than paying attention to you? When you go out with friends does he pay more attention to them than to you? Have you ever caught him ignoring your phone calls, texts or emails on purpose?

You can usually tell the difference between a guy who doesn’t care anymore and a normal guy who may be distracted by something else at certain times (i.e. ignoring you while watching his favorite sports team.)

4. He Doesn’t Share His Life with You Anymore

If your man used to tell you everything from all the exciting things that have happened that week to ranting about his co-workers and now all of a sudden doesn’t tell you anything that could be a sign that he’s not into you anymore. He doesn’t feel like it is worth it to share his life with you anymore and it may be a sign that he soon will be moving on.

If he tends to give one word answers to your questions and isn’t engaging you in an active conversation on a regular basis this is definitely not a good sign.

5. Other Things or People Are Becoming More Important Than You

When other things or people become more important to your man than you, it’s a pretty good indication that he may not care as much anymore. If it seems like all he wants to do is hang out with his friends instead of you then you may need to make the decision for him and find someone else.

Not only can other people become more important but things like hobbies and even work can overshadow your relationship and put it into danger. If you notice that he would rather go play basketball or he works out at the gym when he says he would go to dinner with you, then you aren’t the most important thing to him and either you need to confront him about this or you need to simply move on.

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It’s definitely not easy to realize that your boyfriend doesn’t care about you anymore. There can be several reasons why he doesn’t care anymore from you just not being compatible anymore to maybe he’s just not ready for a committed relationship.

Don’t let him get you down though, as there is hope for any woman and you can find true love.

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