Why Doesn’t He Call Me? – A Closer Look Into What a Man Is Thinking

why doesn't he call me

How many times have you thought you really connected with a guy only to go on and experience the nagging question of “Why doesn’t he call me?”

It can be so frustrating waiting on a man to call or text you after going on a date or even just after giving him your number so you can get to know each other. You constantly go over everything in your mind wondering what you did wrong or what may have driven him off or is he just playing some kind of game with you.

We have all been there as I know I have found myself sitting there several times in the past wondering why a certain guy wasn’t calling me.

The thing is that, men aren’t like women. They think differently and act differently as well and many times the reason why he isn’t calling you back is a lot different than what you may be thinking.

If you are wondering why a guy hasn’t called you, here are some of the most popular reasons why a man doesn’t call a woman.

You Came Across Too Eager

Maybe you really wanted to make sure that you got a second date with him so you tried too hard to impress or too eager about a relationship with him. This is a good way to scare a man off.

This could also be that you shared way too much information with him about your future goals and wants from how many kids you want to have to when you want to get married. This kind of talk should definitely wait until you are at least dating for several weeks if not until you are in a committed relationship.

He Was Just Being Nice to You

If you thought you really hit it off with a guy but he hasn’t called you, it could be that he was just trying to be nice and polite instead of initially giving you the brush off. There are nice guys in the world who have a hard time being honest to a woman to her face so they sort of lead her on just to be nice.

This type of guy may say he is going to call but actually in his way of being nice is actually being even meaner to you to set you up for disappointment when he never calls you.

I’m sure there have been guys that have asked you for your number but you really only gave it them because you didn’t want to come off as a bitch. This goes both ways and guys say they will call just so they don’t look like a jerk.

He Just Wanted Some Action or He Had Too Much To Drink

If you met him at a bar or at a party and he was drinking there is a good chance that he was drunk when he asked for your number and may have not realized what he was doing or the next morning may not even remember who you are.

The same goes for the guy who only wanted some action from you so you asked for your number and when you didn’t put out at the end of the night he had no plans on using your number. These types of guys aren’t good for you anyways so be thankful that he hasn’t called looking to try to get something from you again.

You Are Guilty of False Advertisement

This goes for blind dates and online dating mostly. Did you slightly mislead him about your appearance? For example some women have a photo of them as their profile pic on dating sites that is over 5 years old and this can lead to what I call false advertisement.

When you go out on your date the guy has a certain expectation and due to misleading him you don’t meet those expectations. When that happens there is little chance that he will be calling for a second date with you.

He Just Didn’t Like You

Maybe you were boring to him or he just didn’t like your personality or you talked too much… whatever it may be he could have just decided that he didn’t want to pursue anything with you because he didn’t like you that much.

It could have been something you said that he started thinking about or the fact that you didn’t really have anything in common. Or maybe you came across too rude or demanding. The thing is that both people have to have the connection for a relationship to happen.

He Was Too Busy or Lost Your Number

Yes, this does happen sometimes, but not as often as you would like to think. If he has a stressful job or is going through something personal right now he may have actually forgotten or just hasn’t had time. But if you find yourself waiting over a week with no call, then this reason may not be valid anymore.

**Professional matchmaker Rachel Greenwald recently wrote a book called Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys About What Makes Them Fall in Love . . . Or Never Call Back. In the book she conducted a 10 year research project by interviewing 1,000 single men asking then why they call some women back and not others. If you have been stressing yourself out over why guys haven’t called you back, then I definitely recommend reading this book. It will truly give you insight into the male brain and may just help get your phone ringing from a certain guy.

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