Why Are Men Afraid To Commit?

why are men afraid to commit Wouldn’t you love to know why men are afraid to commit? Have you dated several men and could never figure out why they were so afraid of committing to a serious relationship with you?

Some women assume that there is something wrong with them, but that is most likely not the case. In fact there may be absolutely nothing wrong with you but just some “doubts” were planted and then they grew from there.

Here are just some of the reasons why men are afraid to commit even when they may really want to be in a relationship with a woman.

He Has Other Priorities Right Now

Men tend to think that if they are get in a relationship it may mess up their other priorities in their life right now like school, work, or even some sort of hobby. He may just not be able to commit to more than one thing right now even though you may want to.

He’s Not Over His Ex

Although he may say he doesn’t have any more feelings for an ex, he could be suppressing them or straight up lying about it. When a man still has feelings for another woman he can’t commit to a different woman.

None of His Friends Are In Serious Relationships

Yes, peer pressure from his friends can make a man doubt getting into a serious relationship. If you find that all his buddies are single or dating around he may be leery about being the only one that commits to a woman.

Scared of Not Having Freedom

It could be that in the past he had a very clingy girlfriend who didn’t let him have any freedom or space. Or maybe he hears stories of pals who have been in this type of relationship and it plants a doubt in his head. In this case you need to give him his space and show that you can be in a relationship and still have freedom and space.

Lack of Trust

It may not even be you who he has lack of trust in. It may be a prior relationship were his woman cheated on him or lied to him that has now made him doubt all women. Earn his trust and you may just earn your commitment from him.

Too Much Pressure

You can’t pressure a man into committing because that will more likely than not just drive him farther away. Most of the time ultimatums don’t work and end up breaking up something that could have been pretty good.

He Just Doesn’t Want a Relationship

Maybe he just doesn’t feel the connection to you or he simply just doesn’t want a relationship right now. Some men are like this and are bound to be forever bachelors even if “the right one” comes along. They may just not be smart enough to recognize a good woman to settle down with.

It may be hard to face but some men may just not be ready to commit right now and their fears are going to prevent them from committing to you.

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