What Makes Men Fall In Love with a Woman?

what makes men fall in love with a womanSome men may say it is unexplainable why they fall in love, but if you really take a hard look at the relationship, there are definite reasons why a man fall head over heels in love with a woman.

There are certain characteristics that the woman has as well as important aspects to the relationship that allows a man to let his guard down and fall in love.

So, as a woman how do you figure out what makes men fall in love?

Here are some common reasons why a man falls in love and what you can do as a woman to help your man realize just how much he loves you.

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She Makes His Life Easier

As a woman you should make a man’s life easier and not harder. There shouldn’t be so much drama and fighting if you want a man to love you. You should be willing to help him out with all kinds of different things just like he will be willing to help you as well.

Men want women who are there to help them and make their life easier from taking care of small personal things such as picking up his dry cleaning when he can’t to helping him make bigger decisions or getting him out of a jam.

If you want to make a man fall in love with you then make sure to leave the drama, nagging, and unwillingness to help at home.

She Shares Common Interests with Him

Although they say that opposites attract, two people who are complete opposites may find it hard to have a long term relationship if they don’t have anything in common. There may be an initial infatuation, but over time if you can’t share your interests with your mate then there may be no solid ground to your relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you should fake an interest as this will most likely just backfire or make you very unhappy in the end. But instead try to learn more about what interests your man and let him in on your interests as well.

People don’t have to be exactly the same but they should be compatible to have a working relationship. If a guy sees that he can relate to you and you enjoy doing stuff he does, then it makes it a lot easier for him to fall for you.

She Likes Him for Who He Is and Not Who She Wants Him to Be

Oftentimes men feel like women set out to change them into something they want the guy to be. A guy wants to be able to really be himself around his girl. He doesn’t want to be changed.

When you accept a man for who he is and don’t go trying to change him or his life he opens his heart to you and he appreciates you even more.

There is nothing worse for a guy then when a woman says she loves him but then tries to change him into something he is not. Be proud of the man you have and he may just fall in love with you before you even realize it.

He Is Attracted to Her A Lot

You can’t deny that physical attraction is a big part in a guy falling in love with a woman. If a guy is not physically attracted to you there is a very slim chance that he will end up falling love with you.

The thing to keep in mind is that men have different taste when it comes to looks. Also, a woman’s personality can make her even more attractive to a guy so you don’t have to worry about not being a size 2 or not having exotic features.

I have also noticed that lots of men think women are cute or pretty but once they get to know them they find out they are too bitchy or they don’t get along with them at all and all of a sudden the woman becomes ugly and not pretty at all. Although the initial physical attraction may be somewhat important your personality also has a large influence in the physical attraction.

Basically, a man falls in love because he finds a woman who is the total package. She isn’t difficult to deal, she has common interests with him, she doesn’t want to change him and likes him for who he is and he physically is attracted to her. Sometimes falling in love isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be.

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