What Do Men Want In a Relationship?

what do men want Knowing what men want in a relationship may not be as complicated as you think. In fact men may be looking for almost the same thing you are when it comes to relationships. They may just have a harder time expressing what they want.

Here are just some of the things that men really want in a relationship.

Honesty and Trust

Men want a woman that they can trust and one that is honest with them.  They want to be able to have trust in a relationship and not worry that their girlfriend is being unfaithful or lying to them. You need to show your man that you can be trusted and be completely honest with him.


Despite what some women think not all attraction is physical for guys. They are also attracted to your personality. They want someone that has something in common with. They want a girl that enjoys the same things as they do and enjoy being around. Although physical attraction may play a part, your personality and how you act around him is going to be what keeps him in the relationship.

Sense of Humor

Women aren’t the only ones who want a sense of humor in their partner. Most men don’t want to deal with uptight women who can’t let loose and have a sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to show a man your silly side but also know when things need to be serious as well.


Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you need to spend every waking moment together. Men need some space to themselves or time to still hang out with some friends. Clingy girls who don’t give their boyfriends space tend to drive away their men and may cause strain in the relationship. Remember that you need to be able to trust your man and giving him space shows him this.


No one wants to be bored in a relationship. Some excitement is needed to keep your man on his toes. Maybe it’s trying a new activity that he has always wanted to try or experiencing something new with him for the first time. Just changing up your normal routine can add some excitement into your relationship.


Leave your criticism and negative thoughts at the door when entering a relationship with a man. Show your support for your man especially when it comes to things he is passionate about. Maybe he has aspirations and goals that may sound outrageous but that doesn’t mean you should put him down or tell him to forget about them. You should be a support system for your man not the first person to criticize him.

As you can see the things that men want in a relationship aren’t so different than what most women want.

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