Signs He Is Ready to Propose

signs he is ready to propose Having trouble decoding any signs that he is ready to propose?

Here are 8 clear-cut signs that you can expect a proposal sometime in the near future.

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1.  All of sudden he starts wanting to save money and stops any big purchases. Engagement rings are expensive as are weddings. Your man may be gearing up to put a down payment on your dream engagement ring if all of a sudden he gets stingy with his money.

2. He starts using the words, “ours” and “we” instead of “mine” and “me.” This shows that he wants you in his life and he is thinking about you as a whole rather than just him in his life now.

3. Have you caught him staring at any rings you wear or snooping through your jewelry box? He may be sizing up what type of ring he is going to buy you as well as what size your fingers are.

4. He starts redecorating his home. If you notice that he starts taking down his favorite posters or other decorations that make his home look like a bachelor pad he most likely is preparing his home for you. He wants to share his home with you and this may be the start of his changing from bachelor to married man.

5. He often brings up the future with you. If you notice that he is initiating these conversations more and more he may be looking for some reassurance for when he is going to pop the question.

6. He is planning a surprise date or big event. This is probably the biggest sign that something is up and he may be asking you to marry him really soon.

7. If your guy used to complain about going to weddings before and now all of a sudden he is okay going to them or actually wants to go to a wedding this may be a sign that he is looking forward to his own wedding with you.

8. Lastly, he starts making comments about his single friends about how annoying they are chasing after girls or something of that sort, which he never used to say. He may also start saying stuff about his married friends such as how he wants to hang out with them more or how he looks up to their marriage.

Has your guy given you any signs that he is ready to propose?


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