Should I Text Him?

should i text himShould I text him is probably one of the most commonly asked questions among girlfriends. I know that I have had lots of ladies ask me this very question and I’ll tell you what I told them. It all depends on the guy and the situation.

In the recent years, texting has become hugely popular in the dating scene as it is quicker, more impersonal, and is a lot less scary than calling a guy. But the thing with texting is that it is much harder to read a person than if you were actually talking to them, which can be difficult when you are starting a relationship or trying to get that first or second date.

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If you are wondering whether you should text him or not, here are some key things to keep in mind. Remember that each woman’s situation is going to be different, so these are not one-size fits all solutions to this question.

Asking a Guy Out Over a Text Message Is Not a Good Idea

If you are going to ask a guy out, then you need to call him instead of simply texting, “Hey do you want to do something on Saturday?” If you have his phone number to text then you are able to call the guy and have an actual conversation with him and then ask to see if he wants to go out.

Asking a guy out over a text message, especially if this is the first date or one of the first dates you have gone on is just not a good idea. Some women do this because it is safer than calling the guy since you don’t have to hear his response if it is one that you don’t like. Instead you may simply just not get a text back or something like “Sorry I’m busy.”

But asking a guy out by texting him also shows him that you really don’t care enough to actually call him. You need actual communication if you are going to set up a date and get to know each other and texting just won’t cut it.

Don’t Text Him Right Away if He Says He Will Contact You

If a guy says that he will call or text you, then sit back and let him do so. You don’t want to look over eager or desperate by texting him because he hasn’t contacted you right away.

If you are really interested in the guy and it has been over 5-7 days since he said he would contact you, then you can take a chance (if you are willing to) and send him a short text with something like “Hey, it’s Sarah from the coffee house. Just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing.”

Don’t make any mention of not hearing back from him or how he hasn’t called you yet. Instead just show that you are interested in him and let him take it from there.

Don’t text him more than once if he doesn’t respond. This starts to get you into the stalker mode.

One Text Is Enough

As I mentioned before, don’t send more than one text to a guy if you don’t hear back from him. I know several women who are guilty of this and truthfully they come off as really desperate.

A man isn’t going to want to date you if you are sending him texts all the time and he isn’t responding back. If a guy doesn’t respond back to you (give him some time to do so) then it’s a pretty good indication that he may not be into as much as you are into him.

Guys actually will sit there and make fun of women who do this and you definitely don’t want to be put on the blacklist because you are known as the texting stalker.

If a Guy Texts You and You Are Interested Text Him Back

Some women like to play hard to get with the whole texting thing and won’t answer the texts for a few days. Although playing hard to get isn’t the worse idea for a woman, there is a fine line where you may just drive off a man because he thinks you are interested in him.

You don’t have to text him back the minute you get his message but a reasonable timed response (think minutes and hours not days) is the way to go. If you find that you are holding a pretty good conversation and the texts start getting longer and longer, tell him to actually call you (if possible at the moment) so you can talk and get the interaction of hearing each other rather than just reading texts. Talking to each other is still better for relationships than texting no matter how popular texting gets.

Tips for Texting a Guy

Know that you know if you should text him or not, here are some important tips to keep in mind when you do send him the messages.

*Never, ever under any circumstances send a guy nude photos of yourself. This should really be common sense but some women get caught up in the moment. Don’t let yourself be one of those women.

*Make sure your texts are clear and to the point. When you send a text a person can’t hear the tone of your voice or if you are being flirty, funny or if you are in a bad mood. This is really important for people who aren’t dating yet or just started dating and may not know each other well enough to know how to take a text message.

*You can flirt with a man over texts but leave the actual sexting to when you are in a relationship with him.

*If your message is over 2-3 sentences long then it requires a phone call instead of a long drawn-out text.

This should give you some idea on whether you should text a guy or not, but as I mentioned each situation is going to be different.

For example if you know a guy’s birthday is coming up and you want to wish him a happy birthday, it’s okay to send a simple “Happy Birthday” text message. Or if you just want to let him know you had a nice night with him, you can send a message the next day (not too early in the morning) telling him “Thanks for the great night,” but leave it at that unless he texts you back.

If you want more advice on texting and dating, I really recommend you check out Text Appeal. It may just change the way you look at texting and dating.

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