Keep Your Man Happy – Tips for Long Lasting Relationships

Keep your man happy Some women assume that it takes a lot to keep their man happy but actually it may be more about the little things you do and the way you act towards his life that keeps your man happy.

Here are 10 ways that you can keep your man happy so you can have the long lasting relationship you want.

1. Pay him compliments especially in front of other people. You don’t want to overdo it or embarrass him but when you show him compliments he knows that you support him and really do believe in him.

2. Support and motivate him when it comes to his dreams and aspirations. Men want someone that builds them up and supports them rather than tearing them down and being negative about their aspirations. Try to refrain from calling his dreams “crazy” or “stupid” but instead encourage him to take the steps to make his dreams come true.

3. Initiate physical contact with him especially if he doesn’t expect this from you. It doesn’t always have to lead to the bed but even just a kiss here and there when he least expects it. Don’t be afraid to take some initiative and show him physically just how much you love him.

4. Do something special for him out of the blue. It could be something as simple as ordering takeout from his favorite restaurant or writing him a little love note and slipping it in his car or briefcase before work. Every once in a while do something on a larger scale to really keep him happy. It could be buying him tickets to a sporting event he wants to go to or even planning a weekend getaway for just the two of you.

5. Learn how to cook his favorite dish so you can surprise him with his favorite meal. Learning how to cook the meal shows you are willing to take the extra time to do something special for him.

6. Give him space if that is what he wants. This doesn’t mean you move out or don’t call him for days, but if he is the type that needs some time to unwind by himself, give that time to him.

7. Put effort into your appearance when you are around him. You don’t have to dress up every time you are together, but put away the sweatpants and t-shirts and instead put some effort forth. Makes his eyes turn when he comes home (in a good way!)

8. Show him the respect he deserves. Don’t put him down even if you are doing it jokingly. A lot of men have egos and don’t want to hear negative things and instead want respect from their partner. The saying is true in that you give respect you get respect so your man will not only be happier but he will show you respect as well.

9. Do something fun together and not of the usual routine. Plan a picnic in the park for dinner or lunch. Plan a little vacation for a few days to get away from the usual routine. Don’t be afraid to bring out your inner child when around him.

10. Show him that you love him both physically and emotionally. If you love him, don’t be afraid to tell him on a regular basis. Show your affection and be willing to respond to his needs and not just yours.

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