Is He Shy Or Not Interested – Decoding a Man’s Body Language

shy or not interested Want to know if he is shy or just not interested in you?

Body language can tell you a lot if you know what to look for. If you have a shy guy that you think may be interested in you body language can tell you a lot.

One of the best books I have read on decoding anyone’s body language, whether it was a boyfriend or a boss is “What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People.”

The book is a great resource to have as it teaches nonverbal patterns to look for to really clue you in to what a person is actually thinking.

Here are just some of the tips I learned for decoding a man’s body language to determine if he is interested in you.

If a guy is sexually attracted to you he will look at your mouth when you are talking. Men actually do this unconsciously and you may even see him glance away really quick when he notices he is starting at your mouth.

Just like women, men will straighten their clothes and hair when they are in the presence of someone they are interested in. You may notice that he smoothes his hair when you enter the room or he straightens his tie or collar.

Do you ever catch him with a smile on his face when is looking at you or talking to you? Even shy guys will plaster a smile on their face when they see you. You might even notice that he has a nervous smile in that when he notices he is smiling at you looks away or becomes visibly nervous.

Men like to show off their masculinity which means when they are interested in a woman they will stand tall with their shoulders back as to show off themselves. Even shy guys will do this as it is just part of a natural body language of men.

A natural instinct is for a man to raise his eyebrows when he sees something or someone he is interested in. This may only last a few seconds but if you know to look for this it may be easy to spot.

Lastly, a guy who is interested will stand or even sit with his legs open and his pelvis will be pointing towards you. This is actually a biological instinct and men don’t even know they are doing this. This is a for sure telltale body language sign to look for to tell if he is just shy or not interested in you.

Body language can be one of your best clues to whether a guy may be into you or over you.

I really recommend you check out What Every Body Is Saying and it may just change your dating life, personal life, and your professional life.

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