Is He Ready to Get Married – 7 Signs He Wants to Marry You

For most men, they don’t start thinking about getting married until they get into a committed relationship and feel like they really could spend the rest of their lives with that woman. Unlike women, who start planning their wedding at the age of 10, men start thinking about this later and many times you can notice a change in them when they are getting to the point where they are considering marriage.

There are some ways that you can tell that your man is ready to get married and may just be planning a proposal right now.

is he ready to get married

7 Signs That Will Answer Your Question – Is He Ready to Get Married?

1. He Mentions Getting Married in the Future

This is probably the biggest sign that your man is thinking about proposing. When he comes right out and mentions something about you two getting married, then you know he is interested in marriage and has been thinking about what it will be like to marry you.

You do have to keep in mind though, that even though he may mention marriage a proposal may not happen tomorrow or next week. Look at the context of the marriage mention to see just how serious he is about getting married soon. For example if he says something along the lines, “In 5 years when we get married,” he may not have any immediate plans to buy you an engagement ring.

2. He Takes You To All His Family Functions

Most guys don’t bring any old girl to their family functions. He has to be pretty serious about your relationship to introduce you to his family. This is especially true for extended family events like weddings and family reunions.

3. He Talks About Your Future Kids

Although nowadays it is rather common to have kids outside of marriage, most of the time you can assume that if he wants to have kids with you, then he wants to marry you.

If he is able to bring up these types of serious conversations with you about your future together, that is a pretty big sign he has been thinking about these things and is ready for a real commitment of marriage.

4. He Bought You an Engagement Ring

Us women are very curious creatures and I know that it is very tempting to snoop on our boyfriends. Maybe you have found the actual ring hiding in a drawer or found the receipt or credit card statement from the purchase of the ring. Or some guys even ruin the whole surprise aspect and tell you that they bought you an engagement ring.

No matter how you know that he bought you an engagement ring, if he has a ring for you, he is pretty serious about getting married.

5. He Talks About Planning Your Wedding

This may be a stretch for some guys as they could care less about actual weddings, but there are some guys who like to be involved in the whole process and will even start talking about before you are engaged.

For example, he may mention that he thinks fall weddings are better than summer ones or that he wants to wear all white for his wedding. Even small little things can give you a clue into what he is thinking and if he is ready to get married anytime soon.

6. He’s Out of His Party All the Time Phase

Most men have a phase in their life where their life is just one big party. They enjoy going out with the guys and doing whatever they want. If your man is past this phase then he is more likely to want to settle down than a man who is the “party phase” of life.

Although he may be out of this phase it may still take him some time to propose depending on how long you have been dating and how serious your relationship is.

7. His Financial and Career Life is Going Well

Believe it or not most men still want to be able to provide for their family and they want to make sure things are in order before getting married. If your man’s finances and career are going well and he is happy with them, he could be ready for marriage if he shows some other signs as well.

You may even notice that he starts cutting back on his finances and tries to save more as well. This is because he wants to make sure he has a nest egg for you guys and can afford a ring worthy of you.

These are just some of the more common signs that a man is ready to get married. The more signs your man exhibits the better chance you have at getting your marriage proposal really soon.

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