Is He Marriage Material?

is he marriage material Debating whether the guy you are dating is marriage material or not?

Check out some of the signs that a man is marriage material before you waste any more time on a dead-end relationship.

He Has Mentioned Having a Family/Wife in the Future

This is probably the biggest sign that a man is marriage material. If you have heard him mention things about the future and having a family or a wife (especially if he has mentioned the future with you) then this is a very good sign that he is open to marriage.

On the other hand if he talks negatively about marriage or has never mentioned settling down in the future you may just have a bachelor for life on your hands. Does the word “marriage” make him break into a cold sweat? Look for these signs to see if he ever has any plans to really settle down.

He is Financially Responsible

A man who is marriage material needs to have his act together when it comes to finances. He doesn’t need to be rich or have tons of money but he shouldn’t be wasting all his money on gambling, alcohol, or presents to himself.

He should also have a plan for the future as marriage as well as starting a family takes money. If he has plans to save money and shows that he can be financially responsible he can be considered marriage material.

He Loves You the Way You Are

He doesn’t want you to change who you are and would love you no matter what happened to you. Imagine if you were to get into an accident and you were physically injured for life? How would he react and would his love for you change?

A guy shouldn’t want to change his partner to fit who he wants her to be. He should love you exactly the way you are and that love should be able to stand the test of time.

You Trust Him Completely

Trust is a huge factor when it comes to marriage. If you can’t trust your guy a marriage will never work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t earn your trust in the future and things can change but if you don’t trust him right now you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage yet.

Trust just isn’t about him not cheating or lying to you. It also comes down to if he does the things he says he will. If he tells you he is going to do something does he actually do it or do you have to nag him about it? He should be able to keep his word if he is marriage material.

These are just some starting points to look at to determine if he is marriage material. Maybe right now he doesn’t fit all the criteria but that doesn’t mean that things won’t change in the future. You have to determine how important these criteria are for a marriage and analyze your man to see if he is “The One.”

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