Is He Interested In Me?

If I had a dollar for every time one of my girlfriends has asked me if a guy was interested in her I would seriously be a millionaire. is he interested in me

Is he interested in me is one of the oldest questions when it comes to dating. In fact you may have been asking this question to your friends in middle school and continue to ask it even though you are an adult woman.

Although there are tons of different clues and signs that you can interpret as a man’s fondness or attraction to you, here are some sure telltale signs that he is interested in you.

He Pays Extra Attention To You

This is especially true when you are out in a group or with other people. If you notice that he always gravitates towards being around you or makes it a point to talk to you most of the time then he is interested in you.

He Asks for Your Number and Actually Calls You

Some guys will ask for your number but may have no intention of actually calling you. If you give him your number and he calls you within a few days (not a few weeks) then he wants to get to know you better. He may be too shy to ask you out right away but he does have an interest in you.

He Remembers Small Details About You

Maybe last time you talked to him or saw him you mentioned that you liked a certain type of food or mentioned something that you really have an interest in. If he remembers those small details and actually brings them up then he does have an interest in you. Even going a step further if he remembers these details and then acts on them such as bring you your favorite type of flowers or taking you to your favorite restaurant then he definitely is into you.

He Pays You Compliments

If a man likes you, he will compliment you. He can compliment you on everything from what you are wearing to what kind of music you like. Even if a guy is shy he still will pay you subtle compliments to win you over and make you feel good.

He Seems Nervous Around You

Men are just like women in that they will get nervous around someone they are interested in. He may even say some not-so-smart things around you because he is nervous around you. A man that has no interest in you will have no nerves around you.


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