Dating Dilemma – I Want to Get Engaged to My Boyfriend and He Doesn’t

I want to get engaged to my boyfriend Are you ready to get engaged but your boyfriend doesn’t want to?

This can be a really difficult and stressful situation for a relationship, but there are ways that you can get through it without having to resort to ultimatums or tricks and games.

When it comes to marriage most men have some sort of doubts that are making them hold back from popping the question. The key is to find out what doubts your boyfriend has to help him get past those doubts.

One of the doubts that men get that put a stop to furthering their relationship with marriage is worrying that you will change once you are married. They worry that your relationship is really good now and they don’t want things to change or for you to change once you say “I do.” You can help your boyfriend get over this doubt by reassuring him that your relationship will only change for the better and that you won’t change who you are just because you get married.

Another doubt that men get in their head is that they aren’t ready for marriage financially. Men want to be able to provide for their families and maybe right now he just isn’t in that place financially. This may be a harder situation to get over because you really can’t change his finances but you can assure him that you will work together to pay able to afford your life together.

There are lots of different things that pop into a guy’s head when he starts considering getting engaged. In fact you can even compare this to a traffic light. When things are all going good and he has reassurance from you on his doubts the traffic light is green and a proposal is around the corner. On the other hand if his doubts keep arising and he can’t get past them the light turns from green into yellow and eventually red, which means a proposal may never ever happen. The key is to keeping the traffic light always green.


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