How To Win a Guy Over On the First Date

They say that first impressions are everything, so it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared as much as possible for a first date with a man. The thing to remember when it comes to winning over a guy on the first date is to be aware of not only your verbal communication but also your nonverbal signs that you may be giving off as well.

You see, although what you say on your date will matter, what you don’t say may even be more important. Things like the way you look, dress, the way you carry yourself, and the looks you give may win a guy over more than your words.

how to win a guy over on the first date

Here are some important tips to keep in mind if you want to learn how to win a guy over on the first date.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing for a first date can be stressful. I’ve known many women who have literally emptied their closets out while trying to find the perfect outfit.

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to dress appropriate for the date but you also need to look good and find a flattering outfit. When it comes to dressing appropriate, keep the venue of the date in mind.

If you are going to a classy restaurant you are going to want to dress nicer than if you were going to Olive Garden. If you happen to be going on a picnic or an adventure date you can still dress nicely and comfortable. Jeans and a nice t-shirt or even a casual maxi dress would work great for a picnic while a nice pair of yoga pants or Capri workout pants along with a nice workout top would work great for a hike and still be presentable.

You also don’t want to be showing too much skin on a first date. It’s okay to show off your body but if he can’t concentrate on what you are saying because your boobs are sticking out of your top then that isn’t going to win him over and he is only going to want one thing from you that night.

Show Up On Time

Being late for a date is just plain rude. If you run late for things a lot of the time, give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes and convince yourself you have to be there at least 10 minutes before the date. For example, if your date is at 6, tell yourself that the latest you can be there is 5:45. This gives you extra time just in case you are running late.

Leave Your Phone in Your Purse

Always bring your cell phone with you on a first date for safety reasons but leave it in your bag when on the date. Your date doesn’t want to see you buried in your phone texting other people or posting a minute by minute recap of your date on Twitter.

It’s a good idea to silence your phone as well so you don’t keep hearing the alerts or the phone ringing while on your date. If you really can’t go more than a few hours without checking your phone, then excuse yourself to the bathroom to check your phone instead of doing it right in front of him.

Let Him Talk

If you are the type of woman who likes to talk about herself a lot you need to make sure that you are allowing your date to talk about him as well. Don’t interrupt him and try to one up him all the time. You should be learning just as much about him as he is learning about you.

Show Interest

This sort of goes along with allowing him to talk, but you should actually be listening to what he has to say. Focus your attention on him and what he is saying so that you can keep the conversation going along nicely instead of just thinking of ways to brag about yourself.

Also don’t forget to give him hints that you are interested in what he is saying. Ask him more questions when he tells you one of his hobbies or passions. If you find he is excited about something, don’t be afraid to dig in deeper to show your interest.

Keeps Things Casual

It’s only a first date and you don’t want to move too quickly and scare him away. There shouldn’t be any talk of marriage or having kids on a first date. Try to keep the conversation more casual and on less “big” issues like past relationships, marriage, kids, and even finances.

Leave Your Attitude at Home

If you are the type of woman who gets upset really easily or tends to have an attitude about petty things, then you want to make sure you leave your attitude at the door. No man is going to be attracted to a woman who gets mad at a server because their meal comes out wrong or starts bitching about having a bad day at work.

You want to be classy on a first date. This means no cussing, making fun of other people or forgetting your manners. If you are looking for a long term relationship you need to act like the type of woman that a man can bring home to his mom.

Never Put Out On a First Date

Unless you are just looking for a one night stand, never have sex on a first date. This gives a guy the complete wrong message and you may win him over that night, but the relationship will go nowhere. At best you may just become a booty call but not his real girlfriend. Most men will feel like they already won and game is over and you will never hear from him again.

It is very possible to win a guy over on a first date if you follow these simple dating tips. Make sure that you are yourself and stay true to who you are but also make sure you put your best foot forward and show him just how awesome you are.

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