How to Tell If Your Online Boyfriend Is Cheating

online boyfriend cheatingOnline dating can be tough and just when you think you have found a great guy, a little voice goes off in your head that something isn’t right.

Most people have heard about the show Catfish in which they would find a person in an online relationship and see if they could investigate what may be really be going on with that person. If you have ever seen the show you know that a lot of the online relationships involved lying, cheating, and broken promises.

If you are currently in an online relationship and you have some doubts about your boyfriend, here is how you can tell if your online boyfriend is cheating.

Signs That Your Online Boyfriend is Cheating On You


He Avoids Talking On the Phone with You

It could be that he has given you his number and he never answers his phone or for some reason he keeps telling you that he doesn’t have a phone right now. Whatever reason he is giving you for not being able to talk on the phone with you it most likely is a lie and he cheating or at least lying about something big.

Another excuse may be that he is always too busy to talk on the phone or call you. This could be a sign that he has an in-real-life girl that he is spending time with and doesn’t have time away to talk on the phone with you.

Also, if you used to talk all the time on the phone and now all of a sudden you never talk anymore, this could be a major sign that he is cheating on you as well and is definitely a red flag.

You Never See Him Online Anymore

Is it hard for you to catch him online? Does it seem like he never checks in on social media or whatever way you keep in contact? This could be that he may be busy spending time with someone else or you could have blocked you so that you can’t see he is online anymore. This may be a sure clue that something is up and he may be with someone else.

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If you have any mutual friends you could enlist their help to see if can log into their account to see if you ever catch him online or see different things that he may post. If he is blocking you or hiding Facebook posts, then you need to forget about him.

Overall Communication Has Lessened Dramatically

This sort of sums everything up in that any communication he has had with you via phone, text message, Facebook, instant messenger has dramatically lessened from what it used to be. This most likely means that he doesn’t have the time to spend communicating with you because of someone else or that he is isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with you right now.

If you have a gut feeling that something may be going and you have any of the signs above with your online boyfriend then you may just have a cheating man on your hands.

Online relationships can be hard and can sometimes be difficult to understand. But there are ways that you can tell if the relationship is one worth pursuing and if your online boyfriend may be cheating behind your back.


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