How to Stop Nagging – Don’t Be the Nagging Girlfriend Anymore

how to stop nagging Nagging is one of the most popular complaints that men have when it comes to their girlfriends and wives. There is nothing appealing or attractive about being a nagging girlfriend.

Just think back to the past month or so and ask yourself how many times you have heard your boyfriend utter the words, “Stop nagging me?”  If you can remember at least 2 or 3 times in the past month he has said this to you, it may be time to change and learn how to stop nagging your man.

Communicate with your Boyfriend in a Clear Manner

Instead of dropping hints for him to do something just come straight out and ask. You need to communicate clearly what you want him to do or what you expect him to do.

Instead of saying something like “If you have time today,” or “If it’s not too much trouble,” just come out and ask him.  This can send your man a mixed message and he may not think the task you are asking him to do is that important so he may not do it.

Communication is the key to happy relationships and you need to just come out and say what you want and expect. Ask once in a nice manner but don’t add all the extra “ifs” to your request.

Explain Your Feelings Instead of Blaming Him

Instead of naming a list of negative things that annoys you about your boyfriend, let him know how these things make you feel. For example don’t go spouting off something like “You never ever clean up after you eat dinner.” Instead say something like, “I feel overwhelmed having to cook dinner and then clean it all up and still have time to get other things done that I need to do as well.”

Then ask him is there a way that the two of you can work something out so you feel less stressed out. He will be a lot more receptive to helping out with dinner than if you called him a “dirty slob” who doesn’t do anything around the house.

He Needs Rest and Relaxation Too

You may not be the only person who is stressed out right now. Some men just don’t express their feelings that well and your nagging him about something he may already be stressed out about is only going to drive him farther away.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your boyfriend has the right to sit on his butt all day every day, but there may be times were he may need to just chill out for some time and the last thing he wants to hear is nagging from you.

The most important things to remember when it comes to being able to stop nagging your boyfriend is that you think before you talk and you have open communication with your man.

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