How To Show a Guy You Like Him

Not all ladies are open enough or brave enough to let a guy know that they like him. But if you are shy or you simply want him to make the first move, there are ways that you can show a guy you like him to give him a clue that the ball is in his court now.

You also don’t want to be the type of girl who latches on too fast and ends up scaring the guy away. There are some women who have the problem of coming on too strong and end up finding themselves alone despite making it known they were into a guy.

So, how do you show a guy you like him without scaring him off?

5 Ways to Show a Guy You Like Him

how to show a guy you like him

1. Let Your Body Language Speak for Itself

A person’s body language can say a lot and there are definitely subtle ways that you can tell him you like him without having to say a word to him at all.

For example, eye contact and smiling can go a long way to let him know you are interested. Other things like subtle touches such as brushing his arm or even a quick hello hug lets him know that you like him and want to be close to him.

2. Pay Him Compliments

Whenever you see or talk to your guy be sure to compliment him. It can even be a small thing like telling him that you like his shirt or you can go bigger and compliment him on something going on in his life or something interesting he has done lately.

Just be sure to keep the compliments to only a few at a time. You don’t want to tell him that you like his shirt and then five minutes later tell him that you really like his hair and then a minute later tell him that you think he has awesome eyes. Keep the compliments to a natural amount and don’t go overboard.

3. Really Listen to Him and Show Him You Are Interested in What He Says

Some women think they are listening but have the tendency to interrupt a man’s stories or jokes with their own. Instead, really listen to what he has to say and then when he is done talking let him know that you were listening.

For example if he tells you a story about how he once went mountain hiking in the Rocky Mountains, after he finishes the story ask him a question about his experience or tell him how you would love to go mountain climbing one day. Or if you have that interest in common don’t be afraid to let him know such as your favorite climbing experience and then tell him that you should go climbing together one time.

4. Call and Text Back in Reasonable Amount of Time

If you really want to show a guy you like him, playing hard to get may not be the best way. It may just send him mixed signals and then you may never get your chance with him.

Instead be sure that when he texts you, text him back when you can. Don’t wait 3 hours because you don’t want to seem desperate. Same with answering his calls and calling him back after he calls. You don’t have to respond seconds later, but making him wait too long can often times drive him away because he thinks you aren’t interested or too busy for a relationship with him.

5. Find Things You Have in Common and Play Them Up

This sort of goes along with the whole listening to him thing. Try to find common interests that you have and play them up. Going along with the hiking example you could easily ask him to go on a hike with you or ask him his opinion on where you should go hiking next.

This is a great way to show a guy that you have stuff in common and that a relationship between the two of you could be fun and exciting with a partner that shares common interests.

Just be sure that you aren’t trying to be someone you aren’t. If you don’t like baseball and tell the baseball fanatic that you love watching the games it may just backfire on you in the future when he keeps asking you to go to baseball games with him. Also, you don’t want to start your relationship on lies.

Another way to approach this could be if you find something he is interested in and it sounds interesting to you, try to find out more about it. This could be a great way for you to get him to give you free practice lessons or even a great first date idea.

You also do have the option of telling the guy straight out that you like him. If he is giving you signs that he is interested in you, he may just be too shy to make the first move and it may be up to you to actually tell him you like him. It can be scary, but really, what is the worst that can happen?

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