How to Make Him Commit Now

make him commit Are you stuck in your relationship and really want your man to commit now?

There are some things that you can do that can help make your man commit and even pop the question quicker than you ever thought possible. The best part it doesn’t involve tricking him or changing who you are at all.

Let Him You Like Him for Him and Not His Stuff

Men tend to show off early in a relationship to impress their girl. For example in the beginning he may take you to fancy restaurants or buy you expensive gifts. Let him know that although you love the gifts you don’t need them and that you would be happy having dinner with him anywhere and it doesn’t have to be a 5 star restaurant. These are just some ways to show him that you appreciate him and want to be him and you aren’t just interested in materials things or what kind of things he has.

Allow Him to Open Up More and Reveal His True Self

Don’t be afraid to ask him questions that allow him to open up more to you. This doesn’t mean that you drill him with 50 questions but instead try to build him up and show your real interest in his life.

Also, don’t let your questions look like you are just trying to get more information about his finances or something like that. For example if he is a lawyer, don’t ask him about becoming a lawyer but ask him what his favorite part about being a lawyer is or why he became a lawyer.

Use any opportunity you can to dive into deeper into his life and let him see that you want to get to know him better and get to know the real him.

Support His Dreams and Build Him Up

When a guy sees a woman who doubts him or feels like the woman will hold him back, this will definitely turn off his feelings for her. You need to support his dreams and goals and build him up.

Tell him that you believe him and ask about what he his dreams are. Ask where he sees himself in 5 years and tell him that you believe he can do it. Don’t be negative about what he wants to do or try to tell him that he is crazy. He will see you as negative and deadweight and will never want to commit to you.

Don’t Give Him the Benefits of Commitment Before He Commits

A lot of women make the mistake of completely giving themselves to a man without the guy ever really committing to her.  This goes for every aspect of your life from the bed to your wallet and time.

When you do this the guy doesn’t think he has to really commit to your or change your relationship because he “already has you.” You don’t have to play hard to get, but you shouldn’t let him rule your life if hasn’t given you a commitment yet.

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