How To Know if a Guy Is a Player

how to know if he is a playerSo, you think you have met a wonderful man, but for some reason you have some doubts about his true intentions. Or maybe all your friends are telling you to steer clear of him because he has a reputation. How do you really know what to believe about the new man in your life?

Look no further as I will give it to you straightforward about how to know if a guy is a player.

7 Signs That a Guy Is a Player


1.  He Gets Annoyed or Angry When You Call Him At Certain Times

If he is not expecting your call and you decide to surprise him to see how he is doing and then he gets angry or annoyed about it this could be a sign that he is a player and possibly with another girl or talking to another girl. If you seem to inconvenience him with your phone calls (unless you have plans to call him at that time) this is a pretty good sign that he is trying to hide something from you or someone else he may be with.

2. He Texts All the Time When You Are Together

If your guy can’t seem to put down his phone when you are together this could be a sign that he is texting other girls, possibly making plans with them while he is with you. A sincere guy, who is completely into you, won’t spend time texting on his phone when he is supposed to be spending quality time with you.

3. You Haven’t Met His Friends

This is pretty much a huge sign for any woman that a man is keeping something from you. If you have gone out on a few dates and yet you haven’t met any of his friends and he doesn’t take you out to any parties or get-togethers with friends then he most likely has someone else he may be seeing or several other girls on the side.

4. Your Friends (Or Other People You Know) Tell You He Is a Player

This may not always be true, but if a guy has a reputation has a player (especially if you hear this from more than a few people) then it is most likely true. Your friends may have seen his games in actions or seen him with all kinds of different women all the time and are just trying to warn you. The sad thing is, that most women don’t listen to their friends and end up getting hurt.

5. He Frequently Tells You He Already Has Plans with “a Friend”

If he tells you this once or twice it may be true that him and a friend already had plans, but if he frequently tells you that he has plans with “a friend” already and can’t see you this week, this is pretty shady and may be that he is playing you. Another sign he is a player is if you ask who the friend is or what they are doing that day and he stutters or says “um” a lot and it takes him a while to think of something to say.

6. He Only Wants To See You Late at Night

If this is the case you are most likely a booty call and nothing more. (Check out Signs You May Not Be His Girlfriend.) There should be no reason why the only time he calls or texts or wants to come over is after midnight and after he says he already has plans with friends. Steer clear away from this type of guy unless of course you like being a boot call and being with a player.

7. He’s Smooth, Really Smooth

Not every smooth talker is a player but a lot of them are. If he always knows the right things to say he might have a lot of practice with talking to and dealing with women. Most players are pretty smooth and sort of cocky about which is why they are able to get so many women. Use your female intuition on this type of guy to see if he is being sincere or blowing smoke to get you into bed.

What are some of the ways you have learned to tell a guy is a player?

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