How to Keep a Guy Interested In You

how to keep a guy interested in you Keeping a guy interested is probably one of the biggest concerns that women have when they are in a relationship. No woman wants their man to have a wandering eye and instead wants all of his focus on her.

Stop worrying about your man leaving you or wanting someone else. Here is how to keep a guy interested in you and only you.

Don’t Fall Into the Comfortable Trap

It can be easy to fall into that trap of being so comfortable in a relationship were you start to lose who you are. Maybe in the beginning of the relationship you made it a point to look nice for your man or to cook him dinner every once in a while. But now that you have been dating for a while you no longer care as much about your appearance around him or you order out every night instead of cooking for him.

This trap is the reason why a lot of relationships fizzle out or never make it to the next step. Don’t lose who you are and what you had in the beginning of your relationship just because you get too comfortable.

Don’t Make Your Man Everything In Your Life

The minute you start dating a guy don’t give up your entire life for him. When he met you and wanted to start dating you he liked you for who you were and when you give up everything for him it changes you.

When you aren’t completely dependent on your man it shows him that you aren’t desperate or too clingy. Giving each other space and allowing each other to have a life outside of each other can be a very good thing for your relationship.

Keep Flirting and Keep the Spark Alive

Flirting doesn’t have to stop once you have started a relationship with a guy. Instead continue the flirting and build up the sexual tension instead of letting it fizzle out.

A man needs to know that is he stays with you for the long term things aren’t going to turn dull and boring. No man wants a dull and boring sex life. It can be as easy as some innocent flirting to keep your guy interested in you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Be open minded to new things such as new dates, activities, vacations or just trying something new. If he has a hobby he really likes, show some interest in it even though you don’t know anything about it.

Be adventurous with him and don’t be afraid to try something new that he wants to do.


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