How to Get Him to Propose Now Without Giving an Ultimatum

how to get him to propose A lot of women assume the best way to him to propose now is to give your boyfriend an ultimatum. But, the thing is, that most of the time this actually makes the man want to run for the hills instead of popping the question.

Here are some important tips to remember if you want to learn how to get him to propose now without having to give ultimatum or playing any tricks or games at all.

Talk About the Future

Don’t be afraid to bring up the future with your boyfriend. You can’t even mention possibly being married in the future then that is a good indication that your man is nowhere ready to propose yet.

If he seems receptive about having a future with you, then make sure that you really listen to what he wants. Ask him what his dreams and goals are for the future. Get interested in what he really wants out of life and make sure you encourage it. Don’t but down his goals or what he plans on doing in the future, but just be sure that you can see yourself being right there along with him.

Let Him Know He Can Trust You

Guys are just as nervous about handing out trust to their significant other as women are. Make sure that you show him whenever possible that he can trust you and he has your respect. You don’t need to continue to remind him, but little things like calling when you said you would or letting him in on your plans lets him know he is important to you and he can trust you.

Also, build up your trust with him by letting him confess things to you. Don’t go around blabbing everything he tells you and make sure to keep his private matters between the two of you and not go telling all your girlfriends.

Address Any Fears He May Have of Your Relationship and Marriage

Men have different fears when it comes to marriage. Maybe he wants to get married but he doesn’t want to have a family anytime soon. Or maybe he sees his buddies’ wives all change when they get married and he doesn’t want your relationship to change. Address any fears that he may have honestly with him.

The thing to remember is that although you may address his fears he shouldn’t lie about the situation either because that will just make both of you unhappy in the long run.

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