How to Get a Guy to Fall for You

how to get a guy to fall for you Maybe you have a certain special guy in mind or maybe you just really are looking for a guy to spend some quality time with. Whatever the reason you may be having some difficulty getting a guy to fall for you.

Stop messing around and playing games and instead read these tested and tried tips so you can get a guy to fall for you now.

Be Interesting

When I say be interesting that doesn’t mean you become someone you aren’t, but instead make sure you let him know just how interesting you are.

Instead of having a boring conversation with him, plan for some interesting things to say or ask him. For example instead of just texting him something like, “What are you up to, I’m bored,” text him something cool that happened today or tease him with something like an inside joke.

Try to find out what his interests are early enough so that you know you will have something to talk about rather than having that awkward conversation were you both are bored out of your minds.

Pay Attention To Your Appearance

This doesn’t mean that you have to go and lose 10 pounds for the guy to fall for you, but you may want to be conscious about your appearance when you are around him. Ditch the sweats or t-shirts and instead opt for something nicer and more fashionable.

Showing him that you care about your appearance won’t make you seem shallow but will show him that you respect yourself. Basically, try to look your best around him without having to completely change who you are.

Be Happy and Have a Good Attitude

You don’t want to always be negative around a guy you want to fall for you. Guys wants a girl who is happy and has a good attitude not one that is grumpy and gets angry easily.

Try to look on the bright side of things and make sure you watch how negative you are when you are men.

Don’t be Afraid to Play a Little Hard to Get

When you see this special guy don’t jump into his lap when he walks into the door. You want to make sure he knows you are happy to see him but you don’t need to be like a little lost puppy and follow him everywhere and concentrate on his every word. Guys don’t like to be pressured into relationships and when you act like this it tells him you are way too clingy.

This also doesn’t mean that you totally ignore the guy either. Instead give him hints that you are definitely interested in having a relationship with him but give him space at the same time. I’m sure you have heard the phrase that men want what they can’t have. You don’t have to take it that far but just make sure you don’t look like clingy fool when he talks to you.

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