How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text

 Nowadays texting is a lot more popular than actually talking to the person on the phone. This means flirt texting is a good skill to have especially if you are interested in getting the attention of a certain guy.

Here are some easy tips for how to flirt with a guy over text.

* First of all make sure you are aware of basic text messaging abbreviations and language. Some quick examples are things like LOL which stands for laughing out loud and N1 which stands for nice one. You don’t have to memorize them all but it may be a good idea to understand the more popular ones so you don’t get confused while texting. Here’s a huge, complete list of text abbreviations you can check out.

* Don’t be afraid to use smiley faces and other characters to keep the conversation light and fun. Sometimes all it takes is a “wink” text to a man to let him know you are thinking about him.

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* Dish out the compliments while texting. Depending on the relationship you have with the guy it could be telling him you had a wonderful time with him the other day or letting him know that you think he looked hot when you saw him at the gym. Men love compliments and will eat these flirty texts right up.

* Make him think about you with your texts. Something as simple as “I just got done working out and need to take a shower,” or “I’m relaxing by the pool and catching some sun,” can conjure up some pretty arousing pictures in the guy’s head. You need to do it discreetly though so that it comes off as flirty and not just outright naughty.

* If the guy isn’t responding right away to your text message, don’t keep sending him messages over and over. You don’t want to be overly clingy about it. If he wants to talk to you or text you back, he will when he can. He may be busy at the moment and when he says 15 text messages from you in the past hour it may scare him off.

* If your text conversation starts getting boring end it right away. Tell him you need to go do something so you can easily end it before it drags out way too long. Flirt texting needs to be interesting as a boring conversation may just end up turning him off.

* Lastly, leave the nude pictures or semi-nude pictures to the celebrities. It is never a good idea to flirt with a guy this way. You never know where your pictures may end up and who may see them.

Flirt texting can be a great way to get a guy interested in you and get to know him a little better.

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