Does Playing Hard To Get Work On Guys?

does playing hard to get work Some women assume that playing hard to get is one of the best ways to get a guy. How many times have you heard one of your friends tell you play hard to get or read it in one of the many relationship books you have read?

But, does playing hard to get really work on guys? Is this the best way to win a guy over?

Play Hard to Get for Long Term Relationships

A recent study actually showed that playing hard to get actually works when it comes to securing a long term relationship. The reasoning behind is that it shows that the man is more committed to having a relationship with you and is willing to wait a little longer or jump through a few hoops to get to know you.

Also, it is human nature for people to want what they can’t have. For example if you tell a guy that you are busy the next weekend it may just make him want to date you even more knowing that he can’t date you whenever he wants. If he is really interested in you then this could drive him to be even more interested in you which is a good thing for you.

When you play hard to get you can actually help weed out guys that may really be interested in pursuing a relationship with you over guys that may just want to hookup or have a lackadaisical attitude about dating you.

The key is to make sure that you play hard to get properly and don’t come off as a super witch instead. Things like not responding right away when he texts you or calls you or telling him you are busy one weekend when he asks you out on a date are great ways to play hard to get with a guy. You don’t always have to be available to him but you also shouldn’t completely drive him away and make yourself appear that you have no interest in him or are too busy for him in your life.

Playing Hard to Get Doesn’t Work for Hookups

If you are simply looking to hookup with a guy or start a really casual relationship, then playing hard to get is not something you should do.

With hookups, the guy isn’t going to pursue you like he would if he was looking towards a long term relationship with you. It’s not worth his time or effort when he could probably find other girls to simply hookup with.

Before You Play Hard To Get with a Guy

When it comes to playing hard to get you really do need to make sure you aren’t taking it to the extreme though. It is more than okay to play shy or not be available at his beckoning call but don’t come across as rude or that you aren’t interested in him, because you could just permanently drive him away for good.

Also keep in mind not every guy will like a woman who plays hard to get. Some men may not have the patience for it and may think you are annoying or flaky instead. Try to read his responses the first time you play your little game and if he distances himself or becomes frustrated easily you may have a guy that doesn’t want any games but wants a straightforward, open gal instead.

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