Do Men Really Want to Get Married?

do men really want to get married I have heard lots of women over the years asking if men really want to get married. The first time I heard this general question was from a woman who had been dating her boyfriend since they were 16 and now was 25 and wondering if a walk down the aisle was in store for her.

Whether you have been dating someone a few months or several years you may be looking forward to marriage but are wondering if your man really wants to get married. The thing is that just like women you can generalize all men and ask “do men really want to get married?”

Instead you need to look at the man you are dating and analyze your relationship to see if a wedding may be in your future. This isn’t always easy to do and you may even get some answers that you don’t like.

Instead of asking yourself if men really want to get married, ask yourself if your man really wants to get married.

There are definitely some men who really want to get married and look forward to living their life with a wife by their side. There are men who may not give marriage that much thought until they meet the right woman. Then, there are men who may never see themselves getting married and don’t plan on saying “I Do” no matter who they are dating.

Which one of the above men does your man sound like?

Tips to Know if Your Man Wants to Get Married Someday

If you have plans on getting married you aren’t going to want to waste your time staying in a relationship with a man who has absolutely no plans on getting married ever. Here are some easy tips for finding out if your man may at least consider getting married sometime in the future.

Ask him straight out if he has ever thought about getting married someday. You don’t have to propose to him but if you are getting serious about a man then you should have a right to know. Don’t make a big deal out of it and mention it in a casual conversation about where he seems himself in the future.

If your boyfriend has ever mentioned having children or a family in the future then he most likely has an interest in getting married. Although this may not be true for every man most men who are willing to settle down with kids are willing to get married.

Have you ever heard your man talk negatively about married couples or weddings or marriage? This may give you a good indication that he isn’t interested in marriage or at least he won’t be interested anytime soon.

According to a study done several years ago, most men actually do want to get married. Although it may not be right now in their life they do see themselves settling down with the “right woman.”

If you want more information about finding the right man and getting him to say “I Do” then click here for the ultimate guide and everything you need to know to get your ring.

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