Dating Tips for Women – Did He Lose Interest In Me?

did he lose interest You have been talking to this guy for a while and you may have even gone on a few dates with him and then all of a sudden the calls, texts and any type of contact just stops or dramatically slows down. You feel like he has lost interest in you somehow.

So, what did you do wrong or maybe it just wasn’t the right guy?

If you are asking yourself did he lose interest in me, check out some of the clues and reasons why your guy may have disappeared on you.

He Is Afraid of Commitment

There are lots of different reasons why men are afraid to commit to a serious relationship. It may be that he doesn’t think he is ready or he just got out of a bad relationship and is scared to enter into a new one. Check out the article on why men are afraid to commit to get more ideas on why your guy may have been scared off.

You Were Too Clingy and Moved Too Fast

This is a big no-no when it comes to relationships and yet so many women are guilty of this. Think back to your time with the guy and see if you did most of the initiating of the phone calls, texts or even the dates. Did you want to spend every day with him even though you only went out a few times? Did you start talking about your future together even though you knew him less than a month? Learn from this situation and don’t repeat it in the future.

He Realized There Is No Connection

Maybe after a few phone calls or dates he realized that you two don’t connect very well. You may not have a lot in common or he just didn’t feel that vibe between the two of you. He could have been playing nice in the beginning but had to end things before they took off.

He Likes the Thrill of the Chase

Now that he has you he may not be that excited over it. This is the type of guy you want to stay clear of anyways, so don’t worry too much if your guy is like this. For some reason immature guys like the chase but then don’t want the meat anymore after the kill.

What Can You Do If He Lost Interest?

If you find that your man has lost interest in you, the best thing you can do is to just give him some space. Space may be all he needs right now and in a few days or a week or so he may start right back up calling and texting you like nothing happened. Or you may find that he wasn’t worth it to begin with and you just move on to a healthier relationship.

Don’t be the type of woman that goes chasing after the guy only to get your feelings hurt even worse. If you go aggressively chasing after him you will just drive him away even more. Instead take a calm step backwards and let it progress the way it does. Don’t call him 3 times a day or text him 5 times a day. If you do call or text, give him ample time to contact you back and don’t be pushy about it.

Not every relationship is going to work out and there are times when a guy will lose interest or start backing away from a potential relationship. The more you understand relationships with men the better off you will be so that you can learn when to move on and when to just give a guy a chance.

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