Dating Advice for Shy Women

If you are a shy woman you probably know how hard it can be trying to meet guys and then going out on dates with men you don’t know.

Not only does it put you out of your comfort zone but a lot of time a guy gets the wrong opinion of you because you are shy and they assume you are stuck up or not interested in them.

So, what is a shy woman to do when it comes to dating? There are some things that you can do to help improve your dating game without having to be something you aren’t. Simply follow the tips below and you may just find yourself enjoying this whole dating thing.

dating advice for shy women

Important Dating Advice for Shy Women


Bring Your Friends for Support

If you are going out looking for a guy around town, don’t be afraid to bring your friends for support. Hit up your local bar or hangout spot with a small group of friends (no more than 3-4 as larger groups can intimate men). You can even ask your friends to help you out when it comes to approaching a guy or talking to any guy that approaches you.

Once you get into a comfortable area with the guy you can give your friends a signal to let them you know you are okay to proceed alone and they can sort of disappear to another spot.

Watch Your Body Language

It may seem natural for you to cross your arms over your chest or stomach to guard yourself but this gives off horrible vibes to men. Watch the other body language you give off as well as the expressions you make.

Be sure to keep your head up high as a lot of times shy people have the tendency to lower their head and look at the ground. Look the person in the eye that you are talking to and try to feel as confident as you can.

Make sure you smile a lot to let men know you are a happy person and you are interested in them. Don’t close yourself off from other people as body language is more important than you think it is.

Prepare Beforehand

If you are going on a date with a new guy, don’t be afraid to prepare what you are going to say and some interesting topics you can talk about. You don’t want to sound like you rehearsed a speech but jotting down some quick notes before the date can help you remember things to talk about to keep the conversation flowing.

You can also do this before heading out for the night at the bar or club as well. Make a small list of interesting topics you can talk about that are general in nature to give a head start on impressing a man instead of being shy and not having anything to say.

Use Your Shyness to Your Advantage

Not all men want a loud, outgoing woman. In fact I know a lot of men who think these types of women are annoying and rather have a quieter, demure woman.

Instead of just being shy and reserved, try to come across as more mysterious and shy. Let the guy in a little bit but you don’t have to reveal everything to him right away. Give yourself a confidence boost knowing that a lot of men will find your personality alluring and not annoying.

Don’t Be Afraid to Flirt

If you are a shy woman this can be quite hard to do, but you can flirt subtly and this will definitely help your dating relationships. Things like smiling at a guy or making eye contact for a few seconds are great subtle ways to flirt and can even be mastered by a shy gal like you.

As mentioned before the subtle flirting can be sexy and attractive to a lot of men instead of the all out there flirting and touching that some women do.

Take Baby Steps

You don’t have to turn into some outgoing dating pro overnight. Instead resolve to work on one or two things at a time to help break you out of your shell with men.

For example if you are going to a party or social gathering, make a goal for yourself before you step outside your door. You could simply make it to talk to at least one guy at the party or to make sure you smile at a guy you think is attractive. Then the next time you go out, you can take things a step further if needed.

Hopefully this dating advice will help you find the guy of your dreams and capture his heart.

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