Can You Make Him Marry You – Tips for Getting Your Wedding Proposal

Can you really make a man marry you? Is there some sort of secret spell or a pill you can give him to all of a sudden get down on one knee and pop the question?

Although there is no secret marriage spell or little white pill you can give your boyfriend to get him to marry you, there are some things that you can do to help him see what a wonderful wife you would make.

The thing to keep in mind is that you can’t force a man to marry you. In fact a lot of time giving a man an ultimatum ends up backfiring on the woman. Ultimatums lead to fighting, which leads to a stressful relationship, which can easily lead to a breakup. So, if you don’t want to break up with your boyfriend but instead want to get him to realize that he needs to marry you, follow the tips below.

make him marry you

The Best Tips to Make Him Marry You

Be His Biggest Cheerleader
If you want your man to want to marry you, then you need to support him in everything he does and cheer him on along the way. Let him know that you will encourage him instead of put him down.

No guy wants their wife to constantly talk negative or tell them that they are dreaming or crazy when it comes their goals and aspirations in life. You also need to stop nagging your boyfriend and instead try to find positive ways to get your message across.

Try to Find Out the Reason Why He Doesn’t Want to Get Married
If you really want to get your engagement ring soon you need to find out the real reason why your man doesn’t want to get married. You see, most men have some sort of mental roadblock that is holding them back from proposing no matter how in love they may be with you.

Some common reasons men aren’t ready to propose yet include: not feeling financially secure, afraid of divorce in future due to parents or close family members getting divorced, they feel they are too young, they don’t want the relationship to change, they are still wondering if you really are the “one,” and their mom or close family member doesn’t really like you.

Once you get down the real reason why he doesn’t want to get married you can do your best to fix the situation. Just be careful when trying to figure out the reason because you don’t want to come across too strong or annoy him. Try to subtly bring up things to see if you can get to the bottom of it.

Accept Your Man for Who He Is
The worst thing you can do is try to change your man into something he is not. Instead you need to accept him for who he is.

By showing him that you aren’t trying to change him or make him into something else you give him the confidence that you will always accept him in the good times and the bad.

Also, don’t mention anything like how things need change after you get married. For example, don’t say, “After we get married you need to stop playing video games so much,” or “After we get married you can’t watch TV at night anymore.” These things will just scare him away.

Keep Your Promises
If you tell him that you are going to do something, then make sure you do it. This helps install trust in him that you will keep your promises and do what you say you will do even after getting married.

Men don’t want to hear excuses why you couldn’t keep your promise but instead want to know that they can depend on you. Dependability is a desired character trait in a wife. By showing him he can count on you, you are sending him the right messages and he may just see how much he wants to have you in his life for the many, many years to come.

Don’t Pressure Him About Marriage
It is okay to bring up marriage every once in a while, but marriage talk shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. A good time to bring up talking about marriage is when the conversation naturally goes to the future and your relationship. Don’t force it into a conversation.

As I mentioned before ultimatums just don’t work. They make the man feel too pressured and then they just get too stressed out. Most of the time ultimatums cause big fights that can even lead to breakups. If a man isn’t ready to get married no amount of ultimatums or pressuring is going to work to get them to propose to you.

Don’t Let the Thought of Marriage Consume Your Life
Are you happy with your relationship right now? Do you love your man? If you answered yes, then concentrate on that for now instead of trying to get yourself married. Don’t let the thought of getting married ruin the happiness you have right now.

Instead go out and enjoy your life. Be sure to spend time with your girlfriends and grow personally during this time and still work on your relationship so that eventually your boyfriend will see you for the wonderful woman you are and ask you to marry him.

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