Are You Really His Girlfriend – 8 Signs You May Not Be His Girlfriend

You may think that you are his girlfriend, but are you really?

If you have been dating a certain guy for a few weeks or even a few months but the conversation of being serious or being exclusive hasn’t exactly come up yet, then you may be questioning if in fact, you are really his girlfriend or not.

Are You His GirlfriendHere are 10 signs that will let you know that you may not be his girlfriend.

1. You Haven’t Met Any of His Family

Unless all of his family lives 500 miles away and he hasn’t even seen them since you have started dating then not meeting any of his family is a pretty good clue that he may not be that serious about your relationship. This is especially true if he has talked about his family and how close he is to them and yet he has never asked you to meet his parents, siblings, or anyone in the family.

2. He Introduces You As His “Friend”

If you happen to be out on a date and he runs into someone he knows and he introduces you as a “friend,” then he doesn’t see you as a girlfriend or else he would have called you his “girlfriend.” It could be that you two haven’t been dating long enough yet or if you have been dating quite a while it could be that there still may be other “friends” he is seeing as well.

3. He Doesn’t Ask You to Major Events Such As Weddings or Parties

Has he gone to a major event since you have been dating such as a wedding or a friend’s birthday party or even a company party? If he didn’t ask you to join him as his date then he isn’t ready for you to be his girlfriend.

4. He Asks You Out On Dates At The Last Minute

If he waits until Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. to ask you to dinner that night, that may be a big clue that he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend. The reason why he waits until the last minute is because he wants to make sure that nothing else better comes along for the weekend before you ask you out. If you were his girlfriend you would have plans at least 24 hours in advance if not a few days in advance. If this tends to happen every weekend, then you may want to confront him about it.

5. He Tends to Not Call or Text Much on Weekends

If most of his calls or texts happen Sunday night through Thursday then he is most likely out on the weekends enjoying it with his friends or even other girls. Most men will make at least one day during the weekend quality time with their girlfriend and if he is not even calling you on these days then you are most likely not high on his priority list.

6. He Doesn’t Want to Make Any Future Plans

Maybe you asked him if he wants to go to a wedding with you next month or talked about the upcoming holidays and you get something like “We’ll see” or “I may be busy.” A man doesn’t want to make any future plans with a woman he doesn’t consider his girlfriend or is at least serious about. Also, if you talking about the future makes him break out in a cold sweat, then that’s a pretty good clue he isn’t ready for this as well.

7. He Only Calls Late At Night for You To Come Over

If it seems the only time you hear from your man is around 1 a.m. and it’s not due to his work schedule then you may just be a booty call and not a girlfriend. A lot of late night or early morning calls asking if you can come over or if he can come over is a true sign that he doesn’t picture you as a girlfriend but just as a girl to call when he is lonely or wasn’t able to score with a different girl.

8. He Won’t Be Friends With You on Facebook or Blocks Posts

This is a sure sign that he has something to hide, and we all know that no relationship is official until it is Facebook official!

If one or more of these signs pertains to your relationship with a certain man, you really should consider confronting the man about it or simply move on because you are not his girlfriend and you need to find a better man.

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