5 Guys You Should Never Date

There are definitely certain types of guys that you should steer clear of when it comes to dating. These men are no good for you and may just lead to heartbreak or too much drama in your life.

The thing is, some men take a while to show their real colors and it may be hard to tell if you are dating one of these guys in the beginning of your relationship. But, there are some signs that you can look for that will give you a pretty good clue if you are dating one of these off limit guys.

guys you should never date

Here are 5 guys you should never date no matter how hot they are.

1. The Player

Unfortunately, there are lots of players out there and they are usually sweet talkers which mean women easily fall for them. If you don’t want to have to compete for the attention of your man with other girls, then avoid these types of guys at all costs.

This type of guy will waste your time, only want to spend time with you when it is convenient for him, and can easily break your heart. If you are unsure if your guy is a player, check out How To Know if a Guy Is a Player.

2. The Control Freak

This type of guy can be nice in the beginning of a relationship but soon his controlling ways will get really old. With this type of guy it is very easy to lose a sense of who you are and when that happens, the relationship is doomed.

It could start off with simple things like he insists on ordering your food for you or he starts telling you how you should dress. Then it only grows from there such as telling you who or when you can hang out with other people (including your family) and what you should be doing with your life.

3. Mr. Self-Centered

If a guy is so self-centered, there is going to be no room in his life to really care about a woman and her needs and feelings. This type of man usually is also narcissistic and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. He can be rude and put down others as well. He is a Mr. Know-It-All and always has to one up you.

With this type of guy it won’t be long before you start feeling like you aren’t worthy and your self-confidence can take a plummet as his builds up. Often times with this type of man, women may not realize just how toxic the situation is because their own self-confidence falls away.

4. The Lazy Boy

If your man doesn’t have a job and isn’t even trying to find a job, this can be a good clue that he is lazy and has no life goals. Other signs that you may have a lazy man on your hands are that he is over the age of 25 and still lives at home with no plans to move out, he is a big slob and has a hard time cleaning up after himself, and he tends to waste the day away sleeping or playing video games.

These types of things may not bother you at first, but do you really want to support a lazy person for the rest of your life? Do you always want to deal with him not having goals and ambitions? This type of guy can easily drag you down with him and make you lazy as well and you are too awesome to let that happen.

5. Mr. Cheapo

It is fine to be frugal and have a budget that you stick to. But I am not talking about those types of men, but instead the ones that are super cheap that even as go as far as to make you feel bad if they have to spend any type of money on you. With this type of guy you can guarantee you will never receive nice gifts or be able to go on nice vacations or even nights on the town without at least getting a guilt trip about it and how much money you are wasting.

There are plenty of ways that a guy can shower you with romance and affection without spending a lot of money, but the Mr. Cheapo personality doesn’t understand that and instead doesn’t show you the affection or makes you feel bad about it.

If you are currently dating one of these types of guys then you may want to take a step back and really look at if you are willing to accept this guy for the long run and what may come with it. If you aren’t dating someone right now, then avoid these types of guys at all costs.

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