10 Things Not to Say to Your Boyfriend

things not to say to your boyfriend When it comes to your boyfriend there are definitely things that are better left unsaid.

Here are 10 things not to say to your boyfriend if you want any chance for him to continue to be your boyfriend or have any type of future with him.

1. “My ex…”

Keep your ex out of your conversations with your boyfriend. You most likely don’t want him talking about his exes so don’t talk about yours.

2. “If you really loved me…”

Don’t try to play the guilt card and make your boyfriend feel bad about not doing something for you that he doesn’t really want to do. This just insults your man and makes him think that you don’t think he cares about you enough. It also makes you look needy as well.

3. “Do you think she’s pretty/hot?”

Do you really want to know the answer to this question? You shouldn’t have to put your boyfriend on the spot like this. Does he ask you if you think other guys are hot? This also makes you look insecure which is a complete turnoff.

4. “I’m fine.”

Now if you really are fine then you can say this, but if you aren’t really fine deep down inside don’t say this to him because he will never get the hint. So if you can’t say these two words without wanting to cry or have a look of anger on your face, don’t say them to your boyfriend.

5. “Are you sure you are ok?”

Once or twice is fine, but when you keep asking this repeatedly, guys get annoyed. If he isn’t fine or if you doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment then let him come to you about it. Don’t keep asking him this as you may just make him go from ok to royally pissed off.

6. “I hate your… (insert family member or friend)”

You never want to tell your guy that you hate someone in his family especially if he doesn’t share the same hatred. This also goes for his friends as well. Don’t make your boyfriend choose between a family member or friend and you because you are most likely going to be the one that loses out.

7.  “I hate my… (insert body part here)”

No guy wants to hear a girl go on and on about a body part she hates. It makes you look insecure and also may just make that man learn to not like that body part as well. Instead keep your body hatred to yourself or your trainer at the gym.

8. “I haven’t done this in a long time” – when in the bedroom

No guy wants to know what you have or haven’t done with the guys in your past. Instead leave your past bedroom experiences at the door and don’t ever bring it up to your boyfriend or he may just leave you at the door.

9. “Did you hear that she…”

Leave the gossip for your girlfriends as men don’t want to get involved. Most men are turned off when women gossip about others and really don’t want to hear it. It makes you look flaky and sort of like a brat.

10. “Why can’t you be more sensitive?”

There are some guys that will just never be as sensitive as you want them to be no matter how much they love and care about their significant other. Don’t force your guy to be something he is not and definitely don’t keep nagging about it all the time.

If you avoid these statements when talking to your man you will have a much happier relationship.

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