10 Signs He Is In Love with You Even Though He May Not Say It

If your man hasn’t spoken those 3 glorious words that proclaim his love for you yet, you are most likely sitting there wondering what kinds of feeling he may have for you.

There are definite signs that a man will give to a woman when he loves her even if he is not quite ready to tell her yet. This isn’t an inclusive list, but here are 10 of the most popular signs he is in love with you even if he hasn’t told you yet.

signs he is in love

1. He Chooses Hanging Out with You Over His Friends

Not a lot of men will give up hanging out with their friends for a woman they don’t have strong feelings for. If your guy has made plans with you over his friends or has even replaced his normal outings on Friday or Saturday with his gang to go out on dates with you, that is a pretty sure sign that he loves and wants to spend quality time with you. Even better is if he makes the plans with you on the weekends and you don’t have to ask him to go out over hanging with his dudes.

2. He Remembers Little Details or Facts That You Have Mentioned in Conversations

Did he remember some detail that you mentioned days ago or even weeks ago in a conversation? For example if remembered a certain food that you said you loved or a favorite local place you like to go this could be a sign that he really is interested in you and remembers the things you say. This is definitely a good sign that he is a keeper.

3. He Talks About the Future and You Are In It

If he is open with you about the future from his goals and where he sees himself and then mentions you being in his future this is a definite sign that he is in love with you and making plans for a long relationship. It could be something simple such as an event that is months away like an annual holiday party or a friend’s wedding and he talks about you being there with him.

4. He Has Introduced You to His Family and Friends

Most guys don’t talk any girl home to their parents or even to meet his friends. If you have met his family and all his friends this is a pretty sure sign he has some strong feelings for you and wants you to be part of all his life.

5. He Is Very Protective Over You

If he starts asking you to call when you get home at night or even starts acting a little like your dad when it comes to your safety, this a sign that he really cares for you and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. If you get sick he is willing to come take care of you and get you whatever you need and wants to make sure you get better as soon as possible.

He may also start acting more protective over other guys talking or looking at you as well. He wants you to know that you are his but may not be ready to come out and say it quite yet.

6. He Doesn’t Have Anything to Hide From You

If he doesn’t mind you looking at his phone (c’mon all women do it) or checking out his Facebook page then he doesn’t have anything to hide from you and has most likely ditched any other women for you. This is a sure sign you hold a special piece of his heart and he has fallen in love with you. This shows that he doesn’t want anyone else but you.

7. He Starts Stocking His Place with Things for You

Maybe he starts buying your favorite wine or starts stocking his fridge with your favorite foods. Or maybe he buys you some of your favorite scents or toiletries to keep over at his house. This shows that he really does care about you and wants to show you that you are welcome over at his place and wants you to feel comfortable there. This is a sure sign of love.

8. He Shares Some Very Personal Stuff with You

If he feels comfortable enough with you and your relationship to tell you some really personal stuff about him and his life that is sure sign that he loves you and trusts you. For example he could share a secret about his family or childhood or something about his future goals that he has never told anyone before.

9. He Goes Out Of His Way to Make You Happy

If he is willing to put in the effort to make you happy then he is definitely falling in love with you. People don’t go out of their way to make another person happy unless they truly love them and that person’s happiness is more important than their own.

10. He Asks For Your Opinion on Major Decisions In His Life

If you find that your man always asks your opinion about major decisions in his life this is a pretty good indication that he values your opinion and what you think is important to him. Most men won’t care what a girl says unless they see themselves with that woman for a long time.

These are some sure signs he is in love with you even if he can’t say the words out loud yet. The more signs he exhibits to you the more you can guarantee that your man is head over heels in love.

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