10 Relationship Red Flags for Women

relationship red flags Stop wondering if there are red flags going up in your relationship.

Instead of worrying whether your relationship will last or is it doomed to fail, here are 10 very common relationship red flags that women need to be on the lookout for.

1.  He is late for just about every date you go on. If he is late for one or even two dates or every once in a while you can excuse the behavior, but when he shows up late for 3 or more dates, it shows that he doesn’t respect your time. Do you constantly want to wait around for this guy even though he doesn’t respect you or your time?

2. When talking about his exes he refers them as mean and nasty names that no woman should be called no matter what. If all his exes are “pigs” or “whores” the problem may lie with the guy rather than the women. Also, if he calls other women, who aren’t even his exes, mean and nasty names all the time, it shows his lack of respect for women in general and you may just end up being called those names as well.

3. He still lives at home and his mom still cooks and cleans for him. Now, this may be a different story if your guy is under 20 years old, but at a certain point men need to start taking care of themselves. If you find a guy who is 30 years old and still lives at home and even has his mom making him dinner all the time, this is definitely a red flag. No one wants to date a man, let alone marry a man  that is too attached to his mom or family or one that can’t do anything for himself.

4. He cancels your dates and plans at the last minute. If more than once he has cancelled on you right before you had plans that is definitely a deal breaker. Not only does he not respect you but he even may be taking advantage of you and using you as a backup plan in case nothing else better comes along.

5. Whenever you go out he has to get drunk and for some reason just can’t call it quits with one glass of wine. Either the guy needs professional help or he really isn’t into all that much and has to get drunk to be able get through the dates.

6. It takes him longer to get ready to go out than it does you. Is he obsessed with tanning, making sure his hair is perfect, having waxed eyebrows? Put all those things together and you have an egotistical guy who may be too stuck on himself to ever pay enough attention to you.

7. He always has to one-up you all the time. If you tell a story about cliff diving in the Bahamas he has to one up you and tells you that he jumped out of an airplane over the Pacific. His stories may even be downright lies but he can’t let you look better. This also goes for things like playing games and sports and always has to be better than you.

8. You have never met any of his friends or family. If he tells you that is only dating you but you haven’t met any of his friends or family and you have been dating for over a month or so, he may be hiding something from you.

9. He disappears for days without letting you know. Has he ever just never responded to calls or texts for a few days and then acted like he was just busy or nothing ever happened? This is a big relationship red flag that he may be spending that time with someone else.

10. He has no sense of humor. Do you really want to spend time with a guy that can’t make you laugh or can’t loosen up a bit? Talk about boring, unless you really don’t like that sort of thing.

These are just some of the many relationship red flags that women need to be aware of. What are some red flags that you have come across in your relationships?

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